Date: June 22nd, 2011
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Banking & Insurance critical instability by design

I am wrapping up my book “The Long Game: Mental models for better investing and capital allocation”.  Along the way I am finishing some graphics which highlight the processes and systems that lead to success and failure.  Capitalism isn’t good or bad, it is a powerful process that is harnessed in different ways.

Understanding who survives and thrives in capitalism means understanding process. The Long Game looks at competition, investing and capital allocation systems through the eyes of a systems thinking approach. Most of the models and analogies are borrowed from biology, ecology and psychology to express why some win, some lose and it always keeps changing.  Here are some graphics I am building.  Let me know if you have any critiques on how to show the story in a more simple or engaging way.

Oh and if there are any publishers out there…I really need a great editor.


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