Date: August 3rd, 2012
Cate: Risk & Stability, Systems

Geoffrey West gets complexity.

This is a great video, for those who have a little complexity background.  I just wish West would mention constructal theory.  Constructal theory talks about the structural changes required for various scaled flow rates.  I mention structural flow changs and innovations in my new book.

If someone can tie biology and constructal theory into the Fiegenbaum constant, that would totally rock.  It would be a nice systems theory for biology and evolutionary process. Most likely it could be incorporated with an entropy and dissipation model factor model.  Biology could become like a fuzzy form of physics both some homestatic and homeorhetic fuzzy boundaries and trajectories. Sweet!

If you dig this video, check out West’s TED talk. He definitely has a lucky “talk” shirt which serves him well in both presentations.

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