Date: June 30th, 2011
Cate: Finance, Risk & Stability, Systems

Systems thinking for finance geeks: Graphorisms

thanks to @semanticwill for the title help.

I created a quick and purposely reduced set of graphics for explaining systems states and actors. These are called graphorisms like an active character based language. Each Graphorism provides a way of framing or discussing in the abstract a system state or condition. The presentation explains these for finance. The presentation may not make much sense without context.

Systems thinking is all about capacity, tension, evolution, risk, tight coupling and of course linkages. It is basically a series of verbs and forms for expressing state. The end user then supplies domain specific nouns. The idea to have a shared language for expressing opinion about system state. The language is purposely crude and abstract. This is done so that people feel comfortable drawing things for themselves and that groups hopefully don’t converge on false assumptions about state completeness or exactitude in whole state awareness or future potentials. If interested in the powerpoint, write to me nick at The graphics are under CC rights of attribution so use at will and share alike.

Please note I have left out the typical stock flow stuff that tends to overwhelm the communication value of typical systems thinking diagrams for many people.

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